Plan an event

You can rent a room for events like birthdays, workshops, cooking or some smaller gatherings.

The Museum can host a variety of events and family celebrations. The Museum helps to decorate your memorable moments!


Kalamaja Museum’s room rental prices:

Rent our kitchen for your own great event – it opens nicely into the garden:
Kitchen and garden together: € 50 per hour; kitchen or garden separately: 30€ per hour.

Come and hold your social event in Kalamaja’s living room or in our awesome classroom: 35-60€ per hour


The entire Museum can be rented on Mondays and Tuesdays; it is also available at other times by agreement.

Write and call us to ask for an offer, and come and hold your event at the Kalamaja Museum:

or (+372) 5309 9772

Suggestions for upcoming events can be sent to