Kalamaja Museum
is a cosy place in the Tallinn’s oldest suburb

Kalamaja Museum is created with the community as a place for people to meet, discuss and contribute.

The museum’s exhibitions introduce the past and present of Tallinn’s oldest suburb and what might the future hold.

Exhibition “A Village in the Middle of the City. Stories about Kalamaja” speaks of the life of the area through six personas characteristic to Kalamaja: a man of Kalamaja, a woman of Kalamaja, a child of Kalamaja, a parent of Kalamaja, an artist of Kalamaja and an animal of Kalamaja. These characters from different times and eras tell stories from the Middle Ages to today.

There is also a gallery where you can display your own ideas as exhibitions or introduce exciting collections for those interested. The content of the museum is extensive although it has little space. That’s why you often see our exhibitions on the local streets.

The exhibition “Kalarand – The Third Coming of a Seashore for Everyoneis about opening the city to the sea. Funny, but 30 years after becoming independent, the sea and the seashore are still not as open to the public as in the capital cities of our neighbours Finland and Sweden. The exhibition is a retrospective view of the process and lessons learned from the development of the Kalarand area. What did the local municipality learn in protecting the public interest? What did the owner of the land conclude from the process? What is the experience of the active people of Tallinn?
The exhibition also touches on both Kalarand’s distant and recent past: medieval boatmen, bathing establishments of 200 years ago and the privatisation process of the 1990s.

The museum is located in Tallinn’s oldest suburb, in a functionalist private house built in 1934 and designed by architect Herbert Johanson. Read more


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