The Christmas calendar at Kalamaja Museum`s wall

The Christmas calendar at Kalamaja Museum is a gift for you!
You’ll find old recipes, suggestions for holidays, stories, and things.
We hope all this will help a little bit with the Christmas feeling in your heart.
Open the surprises!
We wish you a wonderful holiday with your loved ones!
With warm greetings from Kalamaja Museum, Kristi, Laura and Tuuli

Things at home seemingly aren’t things at all; they have a soul, they live a life with you. When a new thing is brought home, it’s a stranger at first; it takes time before your home accepts the new thing, domesticates it. You need to live together with things, get used to them day by day, then they’ll start talking to you. Every thing has its own story, just like every person has.
Tiia Toomet “Things at Home”
Tiia lived her childhood in Kalamaja, at Malmi 6. The life here in the 1950s is particularly recognisable in her book “The Old Time Stories.”

P.S. We are still looking for items related to the local history and life, for the Museum’s collection.
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