Kalamaja museum’s outdoor exhibition “Uka-Uka, I Am Free. Outdoor Games in Kalamaja”

The Kalamaja Museum has completed another exhibition on the streets of Kalamaja ahead of the opening of its new building. This time, the focus is on local games and stories of play between 1930 and 1970.

Play is the work of a little person, and it is something that the children of all suburbs have always done. While their mothers and fathers earned their daily bread in factories, offices, the market and elsewhere, their children escaped at every opportunity from cramped flats to the courtyards and streets to join their peers in fierce dodgeball fights, clatter along the asphalt with their tag bikes or climb over planks and through basements, spying on each other’s gangs.

People have shared their memories and stories with the creators of the Kalamaja Museum about life here – many of these stories relate to childhood and games. In addition to memories, you can read descriptions of the games at the exhibition so you can try them out for yourself.

The exhibition is presented in three locations in Kalamaja:
in Kalamaja Cemetery Park, on the fence of Kalamaja Basic School (Vabriku 18) and in Kalamaja Museum’s courtyard (Kotzebue 16). In addition, you can find nice fish-shaped hopscotch squares on the streets of Kalamaja, see their location HERE.

The exhibition was designed by Kristina Tort, the hopscotch squares were drawn on the streets by young people from the Põhja-Tallinn Youth Centre under the guidance of Salme Kulmar (Pseudo Tours), the printing for the exhibition was by Prindime and the exhibition was installed by Andres Lall. We are very grateful to Kadriorg Park.

The museum is very grateful to everyone who shared their memories with us!


Outdoor exhibition about outdoor games “Uka-Uka, I`m free!”

The exhibtion is in three locations: in the courtyard of the museum at Kotzebue 16, on the fence of Kalamaja School on Vabriku 18 and next to the playground in Kalamaja park.