Starting from June 6:
Group exhibition “THE BODY” 
Contemporary Body Representation Through the Camera

Alissa Šnaider “Echoes of transience, stories of existence” 2023


6 June to 30 September 2024

Museum of Photography Gallery Seek

Contemporary Body Representation Through the Camera. Museum of Photography Body Photography Theme Year Exhibition
Exhibition curator: Annika Haas
Artist: Katri Haarde


The group exhibition ‘The Body’ at the Museum of Photography brings together contemporary representations of the body by 23 artists, captured by the camera in both photography and video. In addition, the exhibition includes some installation works. Attitudes to the body are influenced by cultural, social and historical factors and a significant part of contemporary art revolves around the body. The gallery presents a multi-layered and wide-ranging picture of the meanings associated with the body. Artists have been inspired by personal or social experiences related to the body, body awareness, identity, traditions, values, etc.

The works on display open up important issues in today’s society. There are projects that discuss the stigma of disease, discrimination based on skin colour, gender transition, body positivity, cosmetic surgery and societal ideals of beauty. The authors of several photo series have brought intimate and personal stories about their bodies to the viewer. The exhibition also includes visual series depicting abstract landscapes of the body, analysing the dual relationships between body and space, body and time (including age), body and language and body and mind. The aim of the exhibition is to present the wide range of approaches to the body in the work of different artists and to create discussions that will help us understand the values and perceptions related to the body.


Artists participating in the exhibition:

Mia Felić, Mikk Keis, Natalia Kondratenko, Anna-Liisa Kree, Anita Kremm, Eva Labotkin, Karlotta Lainväe, Heikki Leis, Noah Emanuel Morrison, Ülo Pikkov, Sten-Erik Remmel, Triin Resik, Danel Rinaldo, Liis Ring, Aasa Ruukel, Maurizio Sapia, Laivi Suurväli, Alissa Šnaider, Grete Tuiken, Maarja Tõnisson, Anna-Maria Vaskovskaja, Mari Volens, Lu Yufan

The exhibition is part of the Museum of Photography body photography theme year programme.

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