The Tallinn City Museum’s annual exhibition tells the story of how we have lived

The exhibition “One Hundred Years of Everyday Life”  marks the occasion of the centenary of the Republic of Estonia by looking at each decade to see where we have come.

In each year that ends with an eight we have sought to highlight the significant aspects of each era by looking at what has happened in and around the city, the everyday life of both young and old and what cultural life was like.

What could be bought from the shops and whether there were things there was no point looking for in the shops? What was considered funny and what made people sad? In which houses and apartments were the lights on at night? Was it petroleum or electricity that provided people with light? Which books did they read by lamplight in the evenings?

In the autumn season the exhibition will be accompanied by museum talks, a children’s conference, a lecture series and a series of events by Pille Petersoo, socialogist and creator of the portal NamiNami, about how the everyday eating habits of Estonians have changed over the last one hundred years.
Exhibition team: Pia Ehasalu, Ene Heimvell, Kristiina Hiiesalu, Made Isak, Anneli Jalava, Sulev Mäeväli, Maarja Olli, Risto Paju, Ando Pajus, Kaur Riismaa, Pille Rohtla, Nadežda Saar, Triin Siiner, Lea Sillart, Karel Zova, Tina Timonen, Küllike Tint, Triinu Tuvi.

Exhibition and graphic design: Ruutu Kuus OÜ