Plan an event

You have the option of hosting various events (up to 40 people) in the A. Laikmaa Hall, which boasts a historic and unique medieval arched ceiling. We can provide you with presentation equipmentd, and you can also book a museum lesson, excursion, or workshop that suits the theme of your event. You can bring your own cake, snacks and drinks to the party. Snacks and cake can also be ordered from the Virgin Tower (Neitsitorn).


Birthday at the Tallinn Russian Museum (up to 20 people)

You can get acquainted with the special and quaint tradition of Russian tea-drinking, right inside the walls of the Tallinn Russian Museum. An entertaining birthday program will reveal when the tradition to drink tea arrived to Russia and Tallinn, how unique samovars can be, what proverbs are associated with tea-drinking, what rituals and customs accompanied tea-drinking at the homes of a nobleman, a merchant, and a farmer. The program includes games and exercises for both mind and body.


The birthday package includes:

  • Tickets to the museum
  • Birthday program
  • Room rent (the hall of A. Laikmaa)
  • Use of kitchen appliances (kettle and coffee maker)

You can bring along your own cakes and tarts, snacks and drinks. You can also order snacks and cake from the Maiden Tower (Neitsitorn).

DURATION: 2,5 hours

PRICE: 250 €

In the case of staying longer than 2,5 hours, an additional hourly fee (€ 100) will be charged for the use of the room.

Info and registration:, phone(+372) 53052151