Tallinn City Museum

The permanent exhibition at Vene 17 covers the history of the town from pre-history to the 1990s.
The cellar houses a study collection of our porcelain and faiance collection (have a glimpse here).
Our collections of historic ceramics, copper and brass, and pewter are opened to the public, too.

The exhibition of Langebraun Porcelain from Priidu Nõmm’s Private Collection

The largest known private collection of Langebraun porcelain in the world will be publicly exhibited for the first time at the exhibition. Priidu Nõmm’s collection probably has more vessels bearing the stamp ...

The Tallinn City Museum’s annual exhibition tells the story of how we have lived

The exhibition “One Hundred Years of Everyday Life”  marks the occasion of the centenary of the Republic of Estonia by looking at each decade to see where we have come. In each year ...

Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum

The 15th century built artillery tower Kiek in de Kök together with the passages inside of the 17th century built bastions form an exciting part of historical fortifications of this city.

Permanent exhibition in the Kiek in de Kök tower

The permanent exhibition in the Kiek in de Kök tower is aimed to give the visitor an overview about the birth of the town, the history of its fortifications and main military campaigns ...

tsiviilkaitsevarjendid bastionides

Guided tours to the Bastion passages

THE BASTION PASSAGES ARE ACCESSIBLE ONLY WITH GUIDED TOURS THAT HAVE TO BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE. The tours are available in four languages: Estonian, English, Russian, and Finnish, and group size is limited to 20 ...

Neitsitorn (Maiden Tower)

The café-restaurant Neitsitorn is part of the Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum.  The café also serves a historical menu. Enjoy delicious meals while taking in the breathtaking view of the old town.

MEET ME IN THE CAFÉ: the exhibition of the café culture in Tallinn

On the 2nd Floor of the Maiden Tower there´s the exhibition of the cafe culture in Tallinn in the 1920s–1930s. The first known café in Tallinn was opened in 1702 in a building ...

Museum of Photography

The display gives a survey of the history of Estonian photography from 1840-1940.

The exhibition “STODOM. The Group that Changed Estonian Photography”

The exhibition “STODOM. A Combination of Letters that Changed Estonian Photography” will open at the Museum of Photography on 18 October at 6pm. Stodom started in 1964, when a group of energetic photographers removed themselves from national photography clubs. Kalju Suur, Peeter Tooming, Andrei Dobrovolski, ...


Museum of photography: Estonian photography from 1840 to 1940

Our permanent exhibition gives an overview of the history of Estonian photography from 1840 to 1940. Estonian photographers were highly appreciated even abroad at the time. The display starts with very rare daguerreotypes, amrotypes and ferrotypes. Ch. Borchardt, B. Lais, the brothers Kristins and H. Tiidermann ...

Tallinn Russian Museum

Tallinn Russian Museum studies and introduces Russian culture in Estonia and establishes conditions for restoring, maintaining, collecting and displaying Estonian Russian cultural objects.

Paintings and graphics of Kuzya Zverev in Tallinn Russian Museum

Dialogues with the artist: paintings and graphics of Kuzya Zverev The exhibition presents the art pieces by the Narva painter Vladislav Kuznetsov (1961), known as ‘Kuzya Zverev’, which he has painted over the ...

Vene haridus Tallinnas 1715–1944

HISTORICAL EXHIBITION “SCHOOL CLASS – BREAK TIME: Russian education in Tallinn 1715 – 1944”

Class and recess – two aspects of school life. Some people remember these times with joy, others want to forget them as quickly as possible, but for some, it is their life. ...

The House of Peter the Great

House of Peter the Great exhibitis unique items that surrounded Peter I and Catherine

House of Peter the Great is the oldest museum in Tallinn, which was opened in 1806 on the orders of Russian emperor Alexander I. It exhibits a unique collection of genuine objects ...

Children´s Museum Miiamilla

Children’s Museum Miiamilla is a playful place

Children’s Museum Miiamilla is a playful environment for children and families. The museum has its own café and a large outdoor playground. The museum is located in the vast, traffic-free Kadriorg Park that makes this ...