Temporary exhibitions in Kiek in de Kök

The 15th century built artillery tower Kiek in de Kök together with the passages inside of the 17th century built Ingrian and Swedish bastions form an exciting part of historical fortifications of this city.

In addition to the permanent exhibition in the tower and passages, the tower is also hosting temporary exhibitions. 


“Watery stories of Tallinn: The History of Tallinn’s water supply”

The exhibition provides a thorough overview of how the town’s people were supplied with water and the history of water use through the centuries.

In the exhibition you can follow the course of the Härjapea River and canal through the present day city and see the one-time location of water pipes and public wells. The water treatment unit shows how murky lake water becomes clean drinking water today. READ MORE

Exhibition open from 19 June – 15 May 2019





Museum is closed on Mondays and public holidays.