About the museum

On this site visitors can study the remains of the 13th to 14th century buildings of St John’s Almshouse.
The exhibit also tells the story of Kivisilla suburb that once surrounded the site.

This delapidated area, once a suburb and later part of central Tallinn, started to change rapidly in the late 1990s, when a new route was constructed for Tartu maantee, the road to Tartu. Well-preserved cellar remains of buildings dating from the 13th and 14 centuries that were part of St John’s Almshouse were unearthed, as well as parts of the almshouse cemetary. A thorough archeological survey was conducted in 2001 and the decision was made to preserve parts of the almshouse complex, rare in the whole Northern Europe,

In May 2004, an exhibition about the Almshouse and Kivisilla suburb was opened in the pavillion that was erected above the remains.

The museum remains closed in 2017 due to extensive construction works on the neighbouring plot.


Interior view. Click to enlarge

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